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SuperStrata continues to seek exceptional talent to join their curated artisan collective. To learn more about artisan representation, management, and to find out how SuperStrata supports and elevates their team, please contact us.

"It was really great to find Jonas and SuperStrata—because [gilding is kind of a mystery to a lot of people], it's a problem how to market it and how to deal with the business side of things, and since Jonas knows all of that, he knows the language, he knows what we’re talking about. It’s nice to have someone to have your back, that again who speaks the language."

Leah Beth Fishman, partner gilding artisan speaking on The Chairish Podcast.


Listen to the full podcast, "What do Artisans Wish Designers Knew," where Leah and SuperStrata founder, Jonas Everets, convey their thoughts on collaboration, creating value for our artisan collective, and more.

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