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Throughout Tim’s 25 years of decorative painting he has been determined to keep learning, evolving, and experimenting with his artistry. After starting out as a high-end residential painter, he kept challenging himself by working with new materials and techniques, learning from many different great artists of the industry. This was the creative outlet that he always craved. Taking a class near Rome where he painted murals that incorporated trompe l’oeil and faux finishes became the turning point for him both creatively and spiritually, and he has been constantly honing his skills since.


In addition to traditional limestone plaster and lime paint finishes, Tim specializes in murals and decorative painting, from faux bois marquetry and fine patinas to custom stenciling and faux distressed cabinetry. He finds inspiration by collaborating with other artists, as well as being drawn to the infinite colors of nature and exploring classic architecture in New York City, from the finishes on stone sculptures in Central Park to the ornately carved oak doors that can be found along the streets.


Tim’s decorative painting work has been showcased across a variety of media, and his expertise has been sought out for a multitude of projects, such as the renovation of Drumthwacket, the governor’s mansion of New Jersey, and a Vermont B&B featured on the TV show, Hotel: Impossible. He brings his extensive knowledge of painting techniques and eye for color to enhance walls, ceilings, floors, moldings, and furniture, creating beauty wherever he goes.

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