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Artistic Vision, Traditional Hand

Operating across the globe, SuperStrata is a New York based artisan collective that has become synonymous with fine artisan craft and decorative finishes and is the go-to resource for the world’s leading interior designers, architects, and publications.


SuperStrata artisans are highly skilled in both centuries-old and contemporary techniques, thriving in a realm where mastery of craft and innovation converge. As a team we seek out beauty of form and material expression, executing one-of-a-kind solutions in direct collaboration with our architecture and interior design clients. Our goal is to elevate the work of our artisan collective and that of our clientele. This creative dialogue often begets more inventive and refined results than either party would have imagined at the outset.

“Artistry with integrity, creativity, and mastery elevates the design, the artisan, the designer, and their client.”

- Jonas Everets

Jonas Everets founded SuperStrata after finding his own acclaim with decorative plaster finishes, cultivating an understanding of artisan processes and managing projects while providing exceptional service. SuperStrata invites you to be a part of our legacy of collaboratively creating designs that leave an indelible mark on the worlds' interiors and those who inhabit them.


We support our artisans and encourage their creativity through this collaboration so they can continue to excel in their craft.


SuperStrata continues to seek exceptional talent to join their curated artisan collective. To learn more about artisan representation, management and to find out how SuperStrata supports and elevates their team please contact us.


Through our collaboration and service we elevate our artisans, our clients, and the collective creative output. As a team we are far greater than the sum of our parts.

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