Artistic Vision, Traditional Hand

Jonas Everets, prior to establishing SuperStrata, was known for his company Jonas Everets Design where he had risen to be highly regarded among architects and designers for his talent in Decorative Plaster Finishing, Relief Plaster panels and unique finish designs. Having built a formidable client list and a career as an acclaimed artisan in his own right, Jonas sought ways to collaborate with more artisans while also cultivating and nurturing their careers. 

SuperStrata is designed to create value for the design industry through connection and collaboration, extended artisan and design offerings, design know-how, and project management, while first and foremost supporting the artisans we manage and their careers. The result: SuperStrata's extensive offerings of specialized techniques used in top interior design projects around the country. Bringing his expertise in design, project management, and unique understanding of the processes required, Jonas now leads a curated team of top artisans in the field of high-end interiors, bringing together their talents under the SuperStrata brand to serve as an "all under one roof" resource for designers, architects, builders and developers. 

True artisanship is an almost spiritual pursuit by people who care deeply about the materiality of the products they produce and the methods used to produce them. SuperStrata is the sincere support of this noble path and the people who pursue it. In all cases this is about quality over quantity, both in what is made and offered to clients as well as with the artisans we partner with.