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Eva Pep is in continual pursuit of artistic excellence, specializing in a wide range of custom wall covers and finishing techniques for interiors. Among the many techniques she is adept at are plaster bas relief, faux finishes, and decorative painting such as trompe l'oeil and murals.


As for Eva’s inspirations, they take many forms: she is fascinated by the textures and beauty of nature and what she sees in dream states. She is always interested in learning new art forms and is constantly exploring her own unique variations of techniques, one of which she calls “3D verre églomisé.” Her multi-step process for this involves using different combinations of colors and patterns to ultimately make it appear as though they stand out from the surface.


While she is skilled at a variety of decorative arts, her work truly shines in her specialist finishes. Eva often incorporates a variety of aggregate finishes, Tadelakt, and Japanese silver leaf to create depth and intrigue. Always ready to enhance any project, she brings her precise, delicate touch and imaginative eye to all her creations.

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Aggregate Plaster
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