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Los Angeles-based artisan Marli Arizona grew up as an art kid—always drawing, painting, and working with her hands to create art. Her love of painting followed her throughout the years and after studying fine art later on, she settled in LA where she worked in a studio as a production painter. Seeking to merge her passion for paintings and desire to channel a clients’ artistic vision, she became an art advisor, curating paintings for residential and commercial interiors. The tactile aspect of the decorative arts drew Marli in more and more, and she has since used her eye for design and unique aesthetic to develop her own artistry in the world of luxury interior finishes. 


Large-scale murals, églomisé mirrors, and sculpted plaster bas relief wall creations are what Marli specializes in, inspired by the gravitas of finishes such as hand-painted murals that take up an entire wall and transport the viewer into a completely new environment. She enjoys experimenting with different materials and techniques, such as combining modern faux finishes with traditional bas relief techniques to make it look as if the mural was carved out of a polished jade stone.


Whether it’s a single painted surface or an entire multi-level environment created from a designer’s initial concept, her artistic talent and intrinsic understanding of what draws people in will transform any room.

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