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Lisa Stimpson has been designing and producing custom architectural glass for nearly thirty years. She specializes in verre églomisé, an elaborate art form in which metal leaf is applied to the reverse side of glass, etched, and then backed with paint and varnish. The panels are sometimes laminated to another sheet of glass to protect the delicate leafing. The modern version incorporates a variety of techniques that enable more complex designs.


Verre églomisé has many applications in an endless array of patterns and colors. Among them are wall and elevator cab panels, room dividers, doors, bar and tabletops, tiles, and fireplace surrounds. Most recently, Lisa has added to her repertoire by including hand-dyed silks, custom printed fabrics, and chrome prints in her laminated glass process.


Lisa’s intricate work has captivated people across the globe and can be admired in luxury hotels, restaurants, and homes throughout New York, London, Geneva, Dubai, Tokyo, Singapore, and beyond.

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