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Sopiko Barnovi Watercolor 3 - Large.jpg
Sopiko Barnovi Artisan Technique 6 - Medium.jpg
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From a young age Sopiko loved to paint, influenced by her father’s work as a ceramist and growing up in a neighborhood artist community in the Republic of Georgia. After spending years dancing for the Georgian National Ballet she then decided to study textile design. She always preferred to paint by hand, whether it be on fabric, walls, or a painter’s canvas. Taking inspiration from nature and abstract shapes, she creates brilliant murals and hand-drawn illustrations for wallpapers.


Sopiko also learned cloisonné at the age of fifteen after begging a local artisan to teach her, despite them initially refusing multiple times as they thought it was too dangerous for a girl to work with searing hot tools near a kiln. She was determined, and went on to hone her techniques through many years in which she perfected her intricate jewelry designs. Now she resides in New York and seeks to adapt this ancient technique to create innovative cloisonné designs for interiors.


When it comes to decorative painting and faux finishes her talents range from strié and murals of all types to marbleizing and faux bois, where she imitates wood varieties such as the rare birdseye maple. Sopiko brings her dedication to excellence and her passion to elevate every project. 

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