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Our partner artisans draw inspiration from all kinds of source material to create a pattern or scene that invites the viewer in. After sketching the initial design on the taped off area intended for the mural—think ceilings, hallways, cabinets, and beyond for surface possibilities—they use a variety of tools and brushstrokes to paint the final design.

David Faust bw Artisan Page cover - Large.jpg
Sylvie Bilger bw Artisan Page Cover Nick Glimenakis - Large.jpg
David Faust
Sylvie Bilger
Sopiko Barnovi cover image bw Irma Mchedlishvili 2 - Large.jpg
Sopiko Barnovi
Marli Arizona bw cover edit 5.jpg
Tim Murphy bw artisan cover portrait edit (1) - Medium_edited_edited.jpg
Ceara Donnelley Flatiron Project 6 crop - Medium.jpg
Flatiron District Apartment
Carribean Vacation Home
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