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Through intricate faux painting techniques we can mimic an array of textures and materials:


Wood Grain

By using a technique known as faux bois, meaning “false wood,” even rare varieties such as birds eye maple can be imitated.



The technique of marbleizing imitates the striations and colors found in marble, but avoids the need for transporting heavy slabs of the actual material.



Through hand-painted artistry, this is a subtle way to add texture to walls that gives the appearance of aged paper.


Tortoise Shell

For a bold look, different colors and variations of this pattern can be created on furniture, walls, and beyond.



Malachite and lapis lazuli are just some of the surfaces that can be imitated to give character to floors, tables, and wallpaper. 

Upper East Side Residence
Ceara Donnelley Panoramic Living Room Sepia Hand Painted Wall Mural - Medium.jpg
Sylvie Bilger bw Artisan Page Cover Nick Glimenakis - Large.jpg
Sylvie Bilger
Patrick Shoemaker bw Artisan Page Cover Nick Glimenakis - Large.jpg
Patrick Shoemaker
15 Hudson Yards Lobby 2 edit 2 - Medium.jpg
Screenshot 2024-03-08 at 12.38.41 PM.png
David Faust bw Artisan Page cover - Large.jpg
David Faust
Sopiko Barnovi cover image bw Irma Mchedlishvili 2 - Large.jpg
Tim Murphy bw artisan cover portrait edit (1) - Medium_edited_edited.jpg
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