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Polished Plaster

During the application process, lime compresses to create a polished sheen. Application techniques, aggregates, sealers, and waxes can be used to control the sheen.

Marmorino Plaster

"Little Marble" is lime plaster with marble dust added as an aggregate. This can create fine textures, reduce sheen, and create a thicker finish with various grades of marble dust.

Textured Marmorino

Adding textured layers of plaster in between the usual layers of Marmorino to create new and interesting textures.

Venetian Plaster

The classic, textured, stone-like plaster finish which can be customized to a variety of different textures and tones.

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Park Avenue Residence
Ike Kligerman Barkley Troweled Plaster Staircase warmer - Medium.jpg
Union Square Staircase
Baccarat Hotel Residence
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Sylvie Bilger bw Artisan Page Cover Nick Glimenakis - Large.jpg
9 East 84th Street 1336 - Large.jpg
Paris Forino Pulled-in-place Flutes and Gilt Silver Leaf - Medium.jpg
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Dalton_Columbus Circle0046 2 - Medium.jpg
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