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Panoramic sepia bucolic wall mural for Ceara Donnelley Ltd. Co. hand painted by our artisan partner David Faust. PHOTOGRAPHY: LAURA WHEATLEY

We are thrilled to unveil one of our most anticipated projects of last year. The collaboration between Ceara Donnelley Ltd. Co., SuperStrata, and our artisan partners, David Faust and Sylvie Bilger of Metamorfaux brought Ceara's vision for this exquisite space to life. When entering this spacious apartment in NYC’s Flatiron District you need a moment to take in the scene that greets you: an elaborate wall mural stretches from the entryway to the living room and then continues to wrap around to the dining room to make you feel as though you are standing in the middle of the countryside. This bucolic panoramic mural has been painted in tones of sepia so it does not overpower but is instead a calming backdrop that sets the mood and welcomes you.

1. Another scene from the wall mural reflected in the entryway mirror.

2. Panoramic wall mural for Ceara Donnelley Ltd. Co. hand-painted in the dining room by David Faust.

To create this incredible work of art, our artisan partner David Faust drew upon his talent and love of painting detailed landscapes, as he himself spends much of his time surrounded by the New England countryside. After surveying the rooms in person and collaborating with Ceara, David made these initial sketches for the panoramic mural (shown below).

David Faust’s initial drawing for one section of the panoramic wall mural, keeping in mind the structures of the room.

Inspiration images of weeping willows and large-scale trees with lush foliage served as the prompts which David used to create his vision. Once the space was ready for him he drew his outline on the walls before working his way around each room using a variety of paint brushes and varying brushstrokes to achieve the intended scene. The entire mural took about three weeks to complete and is a sight to behold. Stay tuned for next week! We will reveal the rest of this exceptional collaboration and showcase Metamorfaux’s one-of-a-kind painted geometric floors.

1. A close up of David Faust’s mural painting process on one of the living room walls.

2. The final version of the same living room wall in the image to the left.


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