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This month we shine a light on Sylvie Bilger of Metamorfaux, a true marvel in the realm of faux painting and one of our esteemed artisan partners. After honing her skills at Château de Versailles, Sylvie made the move to New York City where she has since spent many years creating stunning custom wall finishes for private residences. She enchants us with decorative faux painting that imitates patterns found in nature such as marble, wood, malachite, and tortoise shell. A visit to her studio in the city reveals an intimate space filled with books and objects of inspiration surrounded by an assemblage of color samples, patterns, and a portfolio of her work lining the walls.

The hand-painted faux parchment wall featured below illustrates Sylvie’s mastery in defining a space. Created by Metamorfaux in collaboration with SuperStrata for an Alyssa Kapito project in the Upper East Side, its subtle texture and warmth evokes a serene atmosphere within this elegant dining room.

1. Metamorfaux studio in New York City, PHOTOGRAPHY: NICK GLIMENAKIS

2. Hand-painted Faux Parchment for Alyssa Kapito by Metamorfaux with SuperStrata, PHOTOGRAPHY: NICK GLIMENAKIS

3. (Closeup) Hand-painted Faux Parchment for Alyssa Kapito by Metamorfaux with SuperStrata. PHOTOGRAPHY: NICK GLIMENAKIS

4. Malachite Hand-painted Floor for Ceara Donnelley by Metamorfaux with SuperStrata, PHOTOGRAPHY: LAURA WHEATLEY

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