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SuperStrata collaborated with interior designer Paula Daher and the team at Adams + Beasley Associates to design, create, and install this truly magnificent bas relief in a Boston luxury home high in the clouds. The homeowners wanted a meaningful representation of their favorite poem, Mantiq al-tair (Language of the Birds), incorporated into their daily lives and now this one-of-a-kind cast plaster frieze is the first piece they see upon entering their foyer. SuperStrata managed the design and the talented artisans who carved the intricate motifs out of clay by hand and then cast it in plaster, revealing this serene avian scene. 

Featured in New England Home. View Paula Daher’s full project with SuperStrata’s bas relief here:















(Images courtesy of NE Home)


This plaster bas relief is an Artistic Collaboration with Daher Interior Design and SuperStrata. Photography: Michael J. Lee.

Learn more about our Bas Relief techniques.

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